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Doing more than just supplying products

Able Orthopedics does not stop with offering our patients the best care and products in terms of Prosthetics and Orthotics   We have partnered with many wonderful organizations in the community that help our patients with funding for our products along with housing, food, and furniture.

Anthony Minkeson – Able Patient

We met Anthony 6 months ago in a nursing home. He was a new amputee in need of a prosthetic. Not only did we get Anthony up walking with a new Prosthetic Limb, but we also set him up with a great organization  that found him housing and even helped to fill his new apartment with furniture and food. We helped Anthony move out of a bad situation that he was in, into a place of his own.  Anthony is only one of many of the success stories we have.


Anthony moving into his new apartment with Able Orthopedics’ own Mark Hershberger.