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Mission & Vision

Able Orthopedics Mission

Our Mission is to provide the Highest Quality Custom Prosthetic and Orthotic devices and services to the community.

Able Orthopedics Vision

Our Vision is to be the nations leader in Individualized Custom Devices and Patient Care.

Able Orthopedics Solution

We have found that many amputee patients have the same complaint.

My practitioner is not listening to me?”

They feel as if they are rushed through an assembly line of care. Patients are often left on their own to cope with life as amputees. They have no one to listen to their needs and answer their questions.

Able Orthopedics Patient Advocacy Program was developed to enhance quality of life and improve patient care. Able’s Prosthetic Centers changes this cycle by guiding patients through the process of coping with the loss of a limb, and life with a prosthetic device.

Able Orthopedics goal is to assist amputees and encourage a better lifestyle through education, advocacy, and support. The Able Patient Advocacy Program was developed as a result of 25 years in studying the needs of amputees. Our exclusive program addresses the needs of the amputee patient, not just the provision of a prosthetic device.

From the initial consultation with the Patient Advocate to the annual follow-up appointment with the Prosthetist, Able’s Prosthetic Centers are committed the highest quality of care for the amputee patient.